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Episode 390

Courageous Conversations with Katherine Eitel Belt

by Gary Takacs | July 10, 2019

Communication is such an important topic! Our Guest on this Thriving Dentist Show is Katherine Eitel Belt and she is a master at teaching effective communication.

In this particular Show, Katherine shares strategies and tips for how to have Courageous Conversations. It is fair to say that the content of this interview is an absolute Game Changer and you will be able to use this information in your professional life and also in your personal life as well.

In this interview Gary and Katherine discuss;

  • The value in unscripted communication,
  • when scripting can be used effectively,
  • how to enhance your authenticity in your communication,
  • three specific lanes of communication skills (patient-facing, team-facing and audience-facing) and how to adapt your communication to these lanes,
  • the importance of developing your skills in the area of courageous conversations,
  • the concept of courageous conversations as the core competency of emotional intelligence,
  • Katherine’s Four-Point (G.E.C.O.) courageous conversation check list,
  • two rules of engagement
  • and Katherine’s A.R.C.H. Formula.

On a very personal note, Katherine shares her own experience with a courageous conversation that likely saved her son’s life. The information that Katherine shares in this interview will make a massive difference in your life and in the lives of those you Love!

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