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Episode 328

‘Digital Continuing Education Tools for Dental Professionals’ with John Stamper

by Gary Takacs | May 2, 2018

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The world of Dental CE is changing rapidly. Not so long ago the only real way for Dental Professionals to earn CE Credits was to attend Dental Conferences.

Running Time: 62:54

Today there are many other formats for Dentists to engage in quality Dental CE. Gary has noticed throughout his career that world-class Dentists embrace the concept of Life Long Learning and are constantly refining their clinical, business and behavioral skills. In this interview, Gary invited his friend John Stamper to talk about what’s new and exciting in the world of Dental CE. Gary and John discuss; The radical changes in Dental CE in the past 4 years, how the Dental Boards are adapting to these CE changes, tools and resources that benefit Dentists and CE providers alike, some of the unique Partnerships that John is working on to make CE more relevant and useful, the benefits of John’s ‘Dental Goal tracker’ and throughout the interview Gary and John talk about the importance of Dental CE and the correlation between quality CE and optimum practice performance.

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‘Busting Loose from Insurance Dependence’

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‘Busting Loose from Insurance Dependence’

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