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Episode 407

How to Develop a High Performance Team

by Gary Takacs | November 6, 2019

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In today’s episode Gary and his co-host Naren Arulrajah dive into the first segment of the Thriving Dentist Coaching in Action series on how to develop a high performance team. Later Naren and Gary talk about the 1st book in the Thriving Dentist Book Club!

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  • 00:25 > Introduction to this week’s episode
  • 04:00 > Coaching in action
  • 04:25 > Performance in action
  • 06:28 > 6 goals of a thriving dentist practice
  • 09:11 > Definition of a high performance team
  • 10:21 > Open book management
  • 12:21 > Why it’s useful to share information
  • 17:58 > The importance of a high performance team
  • 22:33 > Getting the team to row the boat in the same direction
  • 29:08 > How to create and calibrate a high performance team
  • 30:20 > Drama free zone
  • 31:30 > TD Book Club
  • 31:36 > The concept of the Thriving Dentist Book Club
  • 35:00 > Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • 35:21 > Level 5 leadership
  • 43:05 > The hedgehog concept
  • 49:50 > Run all considered services through the hedgehog concept
  • 50:22 > Flywheel concept vs. Doom Loop concept

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Thriving Dentist Book Club
Something Extra: Take a picture of your team holding the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins, in your dental office, and WIN a free lunch for you and your team courtesy of Ekwa Marketing!
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