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Episode 369

Smiles at Sea is Going to Cuba! with Elijah Desmond

by Gary Takacs | February 13, 2019

Elijah Desmond

There are some very cool things happening in the world of Dental CE these days!

Gary has long been a fan of combining excellent CE with an incredible experience to make the learning come alive and live in the minds and hearts of those attending.

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary invited his friend Elijah Desmond to talk about his Smiles at Sea Cruises and in particular to share details about some events happening this October including a Smiles at Sea Cuba Cruise.

In this Show Gary and Elijah discuss;

  • Elijah’s motivation for starting Smiles at Sea, his vision for ‘Dentistry’s Got Talent’,
  • Elijah’s new book titled, Serial Entrepreneur: From Start Up to Success,
  • the Mastermind Meeting of the Future coming up this fall,
  • the Smiles at Sea Cuba Cruise where Gary will be one of the featured speakers,
  • Elijah’s plans for combining local charity events with future CE courses
  • and throughout the interview Elijah shares his passion for creating CE Events that provide a forum for learning, fun and connection with some of the brightest minds in dentistry!

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