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Episode 57

Dentistry The People Game with Dr. Omer Reed

by Gary Takacs | January 23, 2013

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One of Gary’s goals in producing the Thriving Dentist Show is to introduce leaders and mentors to our listening audience. If you have been a regular listener to the Show you’ve had the privilege of hearing from some of the most influential people in the dental profession. Today we have a very special treat for you because we have one of Gary’s mentors as our Special Guest.

Running Time 39:21

Dr. Omer Reed has been a true leader in the dental profession since the early 1960’s and he continues to be an innovator and pioneer today! He is as passionate about dentistry today as he was when he first graduated from dental school. Dr. Reed has spoken at every dental meeting in the US and at the major International dental meetings as well. He continues to share his passion for dentistry all over the world as evident by his recent trip to speak in Australia. Perhaps the best introduction I can provide for Dr. Reed is that Gary has shared with me that literally EVERY DAY Gary uses a skill or concept that he has learned from Dr. Reed. Buckle up……..You are in for an incredible learning experience today. Welcome Dr. Reed!!

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