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Episode 123

The Best Tips to Accelerate a Practice with Dr. David Rice

by Gary Takacs | May 14, 2014

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Dental PodcastPractice performance can be accelerated if you understand a few key points.

Running Time: 47:56 min

In this Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. David Rice about the best tips to accelerate any practice. David is an amazing clinician with a practice in the Buffalo, New York area and he is also passionate about teaching dental students and young dentists the skills they need to thrive today. In this interview, David provides a very accurate State of the Union Address for dentistry today where he describes the challenges Dentists face today and how to overcome these challenges to create a thriving practice. He and Gary discuss how exceptional Dentists set themselves apart from average Dentists, why leadership and Team development is so important today and why success must begin my defining your vision. David also provides two very important questions you should ask every patient in your practice. These two questions are brilliant and will guide more of your patients to become interested in ideal care. You’ll love this inspiring interview!

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