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Episode 138

The Question to Ask Every Patient at each Consultation to Create More Opportunities with Ashley Latter

by Gary Takacs | August 27, 2014

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Dental PodcastIncreasing case acceptance is a goal for every Thriving Dentist. Ashley Latter is known worldwide for teaching ethical sales and communication skills to Dentists.

Running Time: 47:22 min

In this information-packed interview, Gary and Ashley discuss; how to quickly develop rapport and relationship with your patients, why it is so important to ask questions, how to communicate financially with your patients so you can charge what you are worth, the meaning behind the Steven Covey quote, “Seek to understand before trying to be understood” and the one question to ask every patient at each consultation to create more opportunities in your practice. You’ll be inspired to use this information immediately in your practice and the end result is greater case acceptance of ideal dentistry!

Ashley’s website:  www.ashleylatter.com

Ashley’s email address:  ashley@thesellingcoach.com

Ashley’s Books: (Fabulous books that will benefit you greatly!):

  1. Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy    http://www.ashleylatter.com/books/dont-wait-for-the-tooth-fairy-ashley-latter-book
  2. You are Worth It!    http://www.ashleylatter.com/books/you-are-worth-it-feel-comfortable-communicating-your-fees-achieve-the-income-your-services-deserve

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