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Episode 164

The Relationship-Driven Practice with Dee Dee Reid

by Gary Takacs | February 25, 2015

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If you have been a regular listener of the Thriving Dentist Show, you have likely heard Gary speak about the benefits of a relationship-driven practice. In this episode, Gary interviews his friend Dee Dee Reid about the relationship-driven practice and specific steps you can take to develop a relationship-driven practice.

Running Time: 51:28 min

Gary and Dee Dee discuss four questions to ask all patients, why Dee Dee is so motivated to help patients take a greater interest in their oral health, the 5 C’s that must be in place to have a relationship-driven practice, the role of leadership, how digital photos for patient education can accelerate the process, why it is so important to slow things down and really listen to your patients and the role of a Patient Care Coordinator in helping more patients accept ideal care. You will absolutely LOVE Dee Dee’s passion for helping patients have ideal oral health and the smile of their dreams!

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