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Episode 304

The Joys and Challenges of Multiple Practice Ownership with Dr. Mark Costes

by Gary Takacs | November 15, 2017

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Owning multiple practices is a trend that some Dentists are choosing as their career path. In this Thriving Dentist Show interview, Gary invited his friend Dr. Mark Costes to discuss the joys and challenges of multiple practice ownership.

Running Time: 53:09 minutes

Mark currently owns 10 practices and he has a wealth of experience that he is willing to share with others. In this interview Gary and Mark discuss; Mark’s very personal story that inspired him to become a Dentist, his entrepreneurial journey that started in College when Mark owned a catering truck, the 3 years and 21 application attempts that it took Mark to earn an acceptance into dental school, Mark’s path to multiple practice ownership, the naming challenge for multiple practices (one brand name vs individual practice names), the true joys and benefits of owning multiple practices and the most significant challenges of multiple practice ownership. The interview concludes with Mark and Gary discussing the upcoming 2018 Voices of Dentistry Conference and why this is a ‘Must-Attend’ event for Dental Professionals!

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