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Episode 406

The Power of a Relationship Driven Practice

by Gary Takacs | October 30, 2019

In today’s Thriving Dentist Podcast show, Gary continues his series on the 10 Elements of a Thriving Practice along with co-host, Naren Arulrajah in which they discuss the power of a relationship-driven practice and what it means to develop a relationship-driven practice.

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  • 00:26 > Introduction to this week’s episode
  • 01:01 > “Something Extra”
  • 03:40 > Coaching in Action
  • 03:49 > The quote that ignited Gary’s career
  • 06:31 > How to deliver high-value dentistry to your patients
  • 09:02 > A Transaction-driven practice vs a Relationship-driven practice
  • 10:05 > Human behaviour and Dentistry
  • 13:14 > What is a relationship-driven practice?
  • 17:44 > Know your patients
  • 23:10 > Record your calls
  • 24:22 > Data never lies
  • 26:22 > Leadership: Live your principles
  • 29:03 > Webinar on developing a relationship-driven dental practice
  • 32:00 > Thriving Dentist Q&A Segment
  • 32:09 > How do you convert a transaction practice into a relationship-driven practice?
  • 37:53 > How do you manage client information in a large scale practice?
  • 43:02 > New patient experience: How do you introduce a patient to a Doctor?
  • 52:15 > Is it still a good idea to make evening care calls?

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