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Episode 43

Tips from Wayne Gretzky and Dr. Lee Ann Brady with Lee Ann Brady

by Gary Takacs | October 10, 2012

TDS Logo 600X600One of Gary’s favorite quotes comes for the National Hockey League legend, Wayne Gretsky and it goes like this……”You miss every shot that you don’t take.” That quote provides an excellent framework for today’s show because today we are going to talk about some great things you can do in your practice to get your patient’s permission to present ideal treatment options. This is a very important topic and a delicate one. Patients often have significant treatment needs in their mouth yet often have no idea about the degree of dysfunction. If it hurts, it’s easy. You can say something like, “Dave if you would like to stop that tooth from hurting, here’s what I would recommend.” However, it is much more challenging when the condition is asymptomatic. You must be very careful here. Many Dentists accidentally communicate an ‘All or Nothing’ message to their patients. That’s not what you say of course, but the patient can hear that they have to do it all or nothing. Sadly, that can lead to a lot of nothing. Today we have a returning guest in Dr. Lee Ann Brady to help you navigate this challenge. Dr. Brady is not only an amazing clinical educator but she is also outstanding at getting patients interested in ideal care. Welcome back, Dr. Brady!!

Running Time 47:21

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Category: Case Acceptance