24 Systems of a Thriving Dental Practice – Part 1


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As dentists, we have our version of clinical systems which we follow as we perform procedures. These systems guide us on what we should be doing & what we should avoid doing, to achieve the result we’re looking to accomplish. Similarly, every practice needs effective business systems that ensure the practice runs smoothly in activities that lead them towards being consistently productive.

Gary has identified 24 Core Business Systems that outline the specific goals & targets that are important for a practice to have, to function as a thriving & profitable practice. These 24 systems are clearly outlined in a way to focus on producing results within all facets of your practice, from scheduling templates & production goals to collection copayment systems, to patient follow-up, online review systems & much more, it’s all neatly structured for you to be easy to understand & implement within your practice. Here you will find the first 12 of them…

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