How to Control Your Overhead at 60% or Less

Tuesday, February 09th @ 5 PM PT/ 8 PM ET

The overhead of your practice plays a major role in the outcome of your efforts. If your overhead is high, even with all your hard work, you will not gain the benefits you deserve for the efforts you made.
Hence, in his next FREE Live webinar, Gary will explain how you can control your overhead at 60% or less so that you have a practice that provides you and your team optimum satisfaction.

What You’ll Take Away From This Free Coaching Session:

  • Learn how the ideal overhead rate will help your practice growth
  • 06 Goals for a Thriving Practice in 2021 and beyond!
  • 05 Strategies to Achieve the Ideal Overhead rate
  • 15-minute Live Q&A /Coaching Session with Gary Takacs


  • Practice Management Coach | 40+ Years of Experience in Dentistry
  • Host of Thriving Dentist Show
  • Co-host of Less Insurance Dependence Podcast
  • Founder of Thriving Practice Academy
  • Co-owner of LifeSmiles Dental Care
  • Co-Founder of iLoveDentistry
"The voice of dentistry." You know his voice from the Thriving Dentist podcast series, his name as the founder of the Thriving Practice Academy, and his passion as an advocate of reduced dependency on insurance in the dental practice setting. With an energetic presentation style, Gary is a favorite instructor at seminars, symposiums, and continuing education classes, and he is a published author. Gary is also co-owner of LifeSmiles Dental Care in Phoenix, AZ. and uses that background to provide coaching and consulting from a grassroots level to top management.


  • Digital Marketing Guru | 15+ Years of Experience in Dentistry
  • Founder/CEO of Ekwa Marketing
  • Co-host of Less Insurance Dependence Podcast
  • Founder of Thriving Practice Academy
  • Co-Founder of iLoveDentistry
As Founder/CEO of Ekwa Marketing, Naren has helped hundreds of dental practices reach a higher pinnacle of success through website design and development, and a multitude of leading-edge digital marketing platforms. With a deep passion for service to others, Naren takes consulting and coaching to heart. He believes that everyone should find genuine fulfilment in their jobs and in life and has taken several initiatives in order to accomplish this purpose.