Boost Your Dental Practice’s Reputation: A 5-Step System to Collect Google Reviews

Boost Your Dental Practice’s Reputation: A 5-Step System to Collect Google Reviews

In the competitive world of dental practice management, a stellar online reputation can be a game-changer. Positive Google reviews not only reflect your practice’s excellence but also attract new patients. However, getting those reviews can be a challenge.

I have crafted a practical, step-by-step system to help dental practice owners like you systematically collect Google reviews and supercharge your online presence.

Let’s dive into this strategy, tailored to the unique needs of dental practices.

Step 1: Print the Email Addresses for Your Morning Huddle

Begin by gathering the email addresses of your patients scheduled for the day. The morning huddle is the perfect time to identify potential patients who are more likely to leave a review. As you review the day’s schedule, make a list of patients with Gmail addresses. 

Step 2: Identify Gmail Addresses

Once you’ve compiled the list of patients with Gmail addresses, focus on those who are likely to provide 5-star reviews. Consider patients who have had exceptionally positive experiences, showed gratitude, or expressed satisfaction with your services during previous visits. Targeting the right patients ensures you maintain your practice’s reputation.

Step 3: Decide Who Will Ask for Reviews

Not every team member has the same rapport with patients. Choose team members who have excellent patient relationships and communication skills to request reviews. This personal touch can make the request more compelling. Make sure they understand the significance of the task and are enthusiastic about it. This is why it is important to have a team who share similar values in the workplace as you do. We will go into detail about this in a later blog post, so stay tuned!

Step 4: Provide Clear Review Instructions

Printing out clear and concise instructions on how to write a Google review is vital. Patients need guidance, so the process is effortless. Include simple, step-by-step instructions that they can follow. Ensure they know how much you appreciate their feedback and that it significantly contributes to your practice’s growth.

Step 5: The “Ask” for the Review

When the chosen team member interacts with the patient, ask them to leave a review. Make the request personal, stating that their feedback matters greatly to your practice. Mention that it will help others find quality dental care. Encourage patients to mention specific experiences or services they appreciated during their visit.

The above is a tried and true system that has helped many practices collect reviews from patients. However, as you might know, not all patients will be open to the idea. Another important element that you need to keep in mind is “when” we ask for a review.

Timing is key when it comes to soliciting reviews from your patients, as it can be the deciding factor in whether you receive a glowing recommendation. However, the ease of the review process is equally critical. While some patients may be tech-savvy, many are not, and this divide can affect the success of your review collection efforts. To bridge this gap, there are various strategies at your disposal to simplify the review process for all your patients, regardless of their tech proficiency. 

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