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Episode 412

Race To The Bottom or Sprint To The Top

by Gary Takacs | December 11, 2019

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In today’s coaching in action episode Gary and his co-host, Naren Arulrajah discusses the dental insurance game, if you choose to stay with insurance plans you are racing to the bottom when you start to go out of network, you are racing to the top. Later Gary answers questions from Thriving Dentist listeners.

  • 03:12 > Introduction to this week’s episode
  • 03:54 > Something extra
  • 05:00 > Coaching in action
  • 05:30 > The big announcement
  • 09:30 > The backstory
  • 14:27 > The frog analogy
  • 15:51 > The 3 who went out of network
  • 18:30 > Nothing more than a marketing arrangement
  • 19:30 > Posting of your fees
  • 23:06 > Develop a comprehensive marketing plan
  • 25:43 > The 3 groups of people who don’t have dental benefits
  • 32:00 > Who needs who?
  • 34:46 > To an Insurance company, they see you as a commodity
  • 36:28 > Thriving Dentist Q & A
  • 36:37 > How do I get my team on board to go out of the network?
  • 43:05 > I get overwhelmed when I think about resigning from Delta, where do I start?
  • 45:26 > Is it possible to go out of network with Delta, even though they are dominant?
  • 51:28 > I need to embrace marketing, where will I get my best return on investment for my marketing dollars?
  • 59:06 > Something extra: One Day Thriving Dentist MBA

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How do you get your team in line with your purpose, when you are planning to go less insurance dependent?

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