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Episode 124

How to Enjoy Dentistry for the First Time with Dr. Peter Auster

by Gary Takacs | May 21, 2014

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Dental PodcastWe love featuring real-world Dentists on the Thriving Dentist Show who have developed their own unique path to a thriving practice.

Running Time: 53:49 min

In this interview you will discover that Dr. Peter Auster took a while to find a path that allowed him to enjoy dentistry but once he did, he really began enjoying the profession of dentistry. You will be inspired by Peter’s story! in this interview, Gary and Peter discuss why giving back to the community at the local and global level has brought much joy and fulfillment to Peter, how his charitable projects have benefitted his practice, why Peter is a huge advocate of technology in his practice, a discussion of one particular technology that has been a big practice-builder for Peter and why being involved with the AACD has been such a great experience for Peter personally and professionally. You will enjoy this interview and you’ll find many useful tips that will help you love the practice of dentistry!

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