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Episode 404

The 10 Elements of a Thriving Practice

by Gary Takacs | October 16, 2019

In today’s Thriving Dentist Podcast show, Gary and his co-host Naren discuss what a Thriving Practice looks like from a patient, owner, and a team member’s point of view. They further discuss the ten elements in Gary’s practice, Life Smiles Dental Care.

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  • 0.45 > Introduction to episode
  • 3.15 > What does a thriving practice look like?
  • 3.20 > A thriving practice from different perspectives
  • 8.17 > A Thriving practice from an owners point of view
  • 8.40 > TGIM – Thank Goodness it’s Monday
  • 9.53 > Financial Independence – Work because you want to, not because you have to!
  • 11.21 > A thriving practice from a team member’s point of view
  • 15.28 > The Importance of being a relationship driven practice
  • 21.53 > The Importance of being a hygiene driven practice
  • 24.08 > What does a hygiene driven practice mean?
  • 26.28 > The Importance of being a less insurance dependent Practice.
  • 26.42 > The backstory of Life Smiles
  • 28.40 > The Importance of having a comprehensive done for you marketing plan in your practice. Done for you marketing helps you consistently attract quality patients.
  • 34.40 > The importance of having a three day doctor week
  • 35.36 > How to have a good work life balance
  • 38.22 > The importance of having 24 business systems in your practice
  • 40.18 > The importance of having remarkable new patient experience
  • 45.58 > The importance of having a high performance team. The doctor and team members are all moving together to achieve a commonly defined set of goals and objectives.
  • 49.06 > The importance of having a Co discovery process to increase case acceptance. Spending time with patients to co-discover solutions for dental problems.
  • 55.39 > Recap of the ten elements of a Thriving Practice


Find out how well you rank in the 10 elements shared by Gary.

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