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How to Become THE Dental Authority in Your Town

How to Become THE Dental Authority in Your Town

This past Tuesday evening I was a guest at a Holiday Dinner Celebration with a group of advisors who serve the Dental Profession. Included were Bankers, CPA’s, Practice Management Consultants, Architects, Designers, Equipment Specialists, Marketing Experts and other professionals who work with Dentists. It was a wonderful evening with a group of friends who are all deeply committed to helping Dentists succeed. I was asked by many of these professionals to summarize why our clients did so well in 2011, in spite of the soft economy. My ‘Readers Digest’ short answer was these two points 1) A Marketing Plan that consistently attracted quality new patients, and 2) A new patient experience that led the new patients to accept treatment recommendations. This blog post will address the Marketing Plan.

A number of the blog posts that I have written have covered the topic of marketing. Please feel welcome to browse the blog categories under the marketing headline to read these marketing posts. In this blog I’d like to introduce a new marketing project that has worked extremely well for my dental office and for our clients.

Your marketing plan should include specific strategies that serve to brand your practice as a recognized authority. Another part of your marketing plan should attract patients interested in significant, comprehensive care. I have found that the very best medium to accomplish both objectives is TV. As I have experimented with the best way to use TV, I’ve found that the most effective format is a cable TV show called The Wellness Hour.

The Wellness Hour is a cable TV show created by Randy Alvarez. It is a healthcare news show that serves as a platform for Dentists to provide healthcare information to the communities that they serve. The show is a half hour in length. Because the show is a half hour in length you have time to cover a topic in detail. The best topics in dentistry are dental implants, sedation dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

In September, Dr. Nielson traveled to Carlsbad, CA to film our edition of The Wellness Hour. Randy has built a production studio in Carlsbad that was designed and built by the same company that built the set for the former CBS Evening News Show with Katie Couric. Randy prepared Dr. Nielson in advance with some media training and coaching and pre-show planning where they discussed the topics to be covered. Dr. Nielson filmed the show during his visit to Carlsbad and Randy and his team then edited it to produce the finished show. Our show began airing in our local market about three weeks ago. We run the show once a week.

Our particular show was about dental implants with a focus on replacing dentures with solutions that include dental implants. The name of our show is ‘No More Dentures.’ We have been thrilled with the number of calls that our show has generated and we are really just beginning the build a campaign around promoting the show. Below is a link for Randy Alvarez and The Wellness Hour. Here’s his contact info, Phone 760-434-5559 email; randy@wellnesshour.

Consider adding The Wellness Hour to your Marketing mix in 2012. The TV show is an excellent way to brand your practice as THE Dental Authority in your community and to attract people interested in comprehensive care. We have been thrilled with the results from our show! Keep Smiling!