Early To Rise

Early To Rise

On occasion, I invite a guest post on my blog. Today I am very happy to publish a great blog post by my good friend Any Traub. You may recognize Andy as the Co-Host of my Thriving Dentist Show podcast. Andy is spot on in this wonderful post. I happen to be an early riser. I treasure the early morning hours as a head start on my day. Enough from me. Enjoy Andy’s post and buy his book! You’ll be thrilled you did. Keep Smiling!

Early To Rise

Success is more like a foreign language than a lottery. You don’t get successful because you got lucky. You get successful because you learn to think and speak in a different way than most people around you. What is foreign to you and to others becomes a new way of thinking, speaking and ultimately living.

In order to achieve the success you want there are habits you have to learn and then repeat. If you don’t repeat them they’re not habits, they’re guesses. I believe the habit of rising early with intention will change your business, marriage, faith, friendships and future more than any other habit. Rising early with intention is in my opinion the key habit to finding success in your life because it creates space for you to do things that aren’t normal.

It’s not normal to wake up earlier than you “have” to. 95% of people get up as late as they can. Most people are normal because they don’t plan ahead and they don’t take anymore action than required. They do the minimum so they get the minimum in return.

It’s not normal to give yourself space. Morning are quiet and distraction free periods of time. That’s hard to find in your world. If you give yourself space to dream, think, pray, plan and listen then your life will change. We don’t give ourselves time to do those things in our day to day living. When’s the last time someone told you they couldn’t meet with you because they had a “dreaming” appointment? Never. Mornings are a time you give yourself to do things you need to do but don’t have time to do in your workday.

It’s not normal to go to bed early. Getting up early will require you go to bed earlier. Popular television shows are on late at night because we’re up to watch them. Skip them. Go to bed. You’ll never regret going to bed early. You often regret going to bed too late.

Let me be very clear and honest with you. I hate getting up early. My wife and I have three children under five years old. Last week was the first night my wife had an uninterrupted night of sleep in five years. That’s not an exaggeration, that’s my life.

What if success was attainable if you could simply change one habit? I believe it is attainable and I believe that habit is rising early with intention.

My business and personal life have radically improved because of my habit of rising early. I’m a better father, husband, friend, Christian and business owner because I get my butt out of bed early.

If you want to change your life then change something tomorrow morning. Rise early.

Andy Traub hates getting up early but loves being up early. He’s the author of Early To Rise: Learn to rise early in 30 days. Every copy of his book includes the full audio edition as well as 30 days of email encouragement to help you build a habit of rising early. You can learn more about his book at http://www.EarlyToRiseBook.com. He is a full time podcaster and founder of Take Permission Media Network.