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Heart Your Smile: A Wonderful Project!

Heart Your Smile:  A Wonderful Project!

If you are a listener to my Thriving Dentist Show you may have heard my interview with my friend, Dr. James Goolnik from London, England. James has some impressive credentials including serving as the past president of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and he has been voted ‘Most Influential Person in Dentistry in the UK’ in 2011 and 2012. While his credentials are strong, I am most impressed with James’ commitment to charity and giving back! Click Here for a link to my interview with James.

James introduced me to a wonderful project called, Heart Your Smile. It’s all about celebrating the dental profession and providing you with tools to engage your local community by celebrating your successes and guiding you to deliver positive dental experiences. It really is a wonderful project! Here are the 9 Habits of a Happy Dental Professional according to Heart Your Smile:

  1. Be confident…..Believe you can make THE difference
  2. Smile……It’s attractive & it’s free
  3. Connect…..Join in, listen, understand
  4. Innovate…..Challenge your boundaries
  5. Excel……..Excellence is a journey, not a destination
  6. Inspire…….Lead by example
  7. Mentor……Everyone benefits
  8. Respect……Treat every person as you wish to be treated yourself
  9. Care…….Everyone’s health matters

These 9 Habits make a lot of sense to me! Here is a link to Heart Your Smile:

Sign the manifesto and get involved. It’s a fun way to make dentistry a positive experience for everyone. Keep Smiling!