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The ‘Crown Cup’: US vs UK Dentists September 2012

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to arrive thoroughly used up, worn out and loudly proclaiming, WOW, what a ride!”

Many of you know that I enjoy combining work and fun. We spend so much time working that we ought to have a good time doing it. Over ten years ago, I founded a division of our coaching firm called Ride & Learn, with the concept of providing Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tours combined with serious dental continuing education. We tour all day and then provide our CE course each evening. We have had some of the most highly regarded speakers in dentistry along on our trips including Dr. Gordon Christensen, Dr. Omer Reed, Dr. David Hornbrook, Dr. Mike Koczarski, Dr. Dennis Wells, and Dr. Alex Bankhead among others. Since its inception, we have done 36 Ride & Learn trips throughout the country. Below is a link along with a short video clip that will give you some idea of what Ride & Learn is all about.

A couple of years later we added Race & Learn to our adventure CE courses. The concept with Race & Learn is to combine high performance driving instruction with a serious dental continuing education course. These are typically two-day courses where we provide a great CE course on the first day and then experience high performance driving instruction on the second day. Here is a link with many photos of past Race & Learn courses:

My idea with both Ride & Learn and Race & Learn was to take Dentists out of the conventional meeting rooms and provide an experience that would make the education come alive. As you might imagine, we have an incredible time on these courses and have developed a community of people that have become great friends! Just imagine the benefits of joining us on one of these courses and hanging out with people like Dr. Gordon Christensen.

Just this past week I visited with my friend, Kevin Rose from the UK about our common interest in helping Dentists thrive in today’s economy. In our discussion, we discovered that Kevin and I both have an interest in cars. One thing led to another and we planned an event. Here’s what we have in mind. We are calling the event, Thrive & Drive (check out the hashtag #thriveanddrive on twitter) and it will include a serious dental course with a Track Day driving some amazing cars on the racetrack. All fine and good, but here is where it gets really interesting. We decided to create a little friendly competition between the US Dentists and the UK Dentists. We are calling it the ‘Crown Cup’! We will alternate the locations and the 2012 Thrive & Drive will be in the UK. Here is a link for the venue:

We are looking at a September 2012 date. We are going to involve a Dental Charity and keep in mind that the competition is all in good fun. I will release more details here as they become known. At this point I am beginning to recruit the US Team! Consider yourself invited if you meet the following requirements. You must LOVE dentistry, you must LOVE cars and driving them on a racetrack, and most importantly you must enjoy having fun while learning. THIS WILL BE AN EPIC EXPERIENCE! Come join us. Keep smiling!