Life Changing Dentistry

Life Changing Dentistry

I recently returned from a speaking assignment at the ACE (Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics) Mastermind Conference held at a wonderful resort in the Florida Keys. The meeting was absolutely fantastic and I’d strongly recommend readers of this blog to get involved with this awesome group of people (

One of the byproducts of this meeting was the opportunity to spend some time with my great friend, Dr. Mark W. Montgomery ( Mark and I spent many years together teaching at PAC Live and it was very exciting for me to hear about a project that Mark is very excited about these days. Mark is the Chief Dental Officer of TruDenta, a company that has developed a predictable method of diagnosing and treating patients suffering from chronic head and neck pain. Mark has an amazing understanding of dental occlusion and I quickly learned why Mark is so passionate about his work at TruDenta.

Here are some things I learned:

  • 80 Million Americans suffer from chronic headaches, migraines and TMD
  • Many headaches and migraines are the result of improper dental forces
  • The vast majority of dental related disease can be categorized by only 3 primary issues:
    1. Bacterial/host response disease (especially periodontitis)
    2. Acid breakdown of tooth enamel
    3. Force overload
  • Over 3,000,000 Americans visited a hospital emergency room in 2010 seeking relief from headaches

TruDenta has developed a comprehensive system to help Dentists diagnose and treat patients that are suffering from chronic pain. Their system includes education and training, patented proprietary diagnostic treatment hardware and software, marketing support, coding and reimbursement training, and ongoing office support. I was deeply impressed with how TruDenta has developed a turnkey system to help Dentists integrate the successful treatment of patients who have suffered from chronic pain.

The potential patient pool that can benefit from the treatment is huge, both from your existing patients as well as patients in your community. This treatment can also become a ‘Gateway Service’ that leads to patient interest in other services within your practice. Helping patients who have suffered from chronic pain can be an excellent practice builder because these patients often become practice ambassadors who can’t wait to tell others in your community about their results! Let me encourage you to visit their website ( This site provides a wealth of information and I would advise you to spend some time navigating the site and considering how incorporating a system to diagnose and treatment patients suffering from chronic pain might fit your practice.

This is indeed a very exciting time to be in the dental profession thanks to companies like TruDenta and people like Dr. Mark Montgomery. Their passion is truly inspiring! Keep Smiling!