Episode 523

How to Avoid ‘System Degrading’ in Your Practice

Host: Gary Takacs | Published Date: January 19, 2022 | Listening Time: 00:53:30

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An issue that every dentist will face is system degrading. Are you facing it in your dental practice? How do you know?

What should you do to overcome this problem, or what should you do to avoid system degrading?

Listen to this episode to find out!

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In this episode, Gary talks about 

  • The importance of having a system driven practice
  • How system degrading happens in a practice
  • Fun solutions to avoid system degrading

Time Stamps

  • 00:00:26 – Introduction to the Episode.
  • 00:01:01 – Announcement on the Upcoming Masterclass.

Today’s Clinical Tip

  • 00:02:33 – Cementing a single implant crown on the implant abutment intraorally by Baldwin Marchack, DDS, MBA.

Coaching In Action Segment

  • 00:07:52 – What’s the most downloaded episode in The Thriving Dentist Show?
  • 00:08:37– Why does Gary encourage dentists to have a system driven practice?
  • 00:11:01 – Why is having the right mindset important?
  • 00:12:56 – Gary shares a story about his Coaching client.
  • 00:16:17 – Gary talks about systems degrading and how this happens.
  • 00:18:37 – Gary shares an example of how often the main focus point of the dental practice changes.
  • 00:22:04 – Gary talks about a secret 25th system for practices.

Q&A Segment

  • 00:28:34 – Question 1 – I have new team members and I really need to get them calibrated on my systems. How is the best way to do this?
  • 00:34:53 – Question 2 – As a solo dentist I really find myself stretched thin in my practice. I just don’t have time to manage the business side of my practice. Can you share how you help your clients with this issue?
  • 00:43:35 – Question 3 – I am intrigued by your concept of System Champions. However, I have a small team and I don’t want to overwhelm them. How do you use the champions concept with the smaller team?
  • 00:45:42 – Question 4 – Of your 24 systems, which 3 systems are the most important?


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Gary Takacs

Gary Takacs Gary became a successful practice owner by purchasing a fixer-upper practice and developing it into a world-class dental practice. He is passionate about sharing his hard-earned insights and experiences with dental practices across the globe.

As a dental practice coach, Gary provides guidance for dental professionals on how to create a healthier practice style that lets them deliver excellent patient care while reducing depending on insurance.

More importantly, Gary’s insights are not just based on theory – as a co-owner of a dental practice, he has first-hand experience in making this transformation from a high-volume and low-fee insurance model to a fee-for-service approach that is more sustainable and promotes a patient-centric and financially healthy dental practice, and he is dedicated to sharing this knowledge with other dental practitioners via the popular Thriving Dentist Show!
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